Dad's Day Done Right!

Father’s Day rolls around and you are stumped with what to get Dad. We get it, and we’ve been there before ourselves. Don’t let the fear of picking the wrong gift deter you from picking any gift. Let’s take a look at some of our best sellers.


1. Dad Hats:

Dad Hats fit better after the first kid is born. There comes a time in every father’s life where he begins to obsess about the length of his grass, the cleanliness of his white New Balances, and what’s cooking on the grill. One more step of ‘Dadhood’ is obtaining a Dad Hat. Our personal favorites are Flood Tide Company’s ‘Fiddler Dad Hat’ or our signature, fan favorite, ‘Bridge Permit Dad Hat’


2. Seaholm Watches:

If your pops likes to get his hands dirty, wet, or all the above, he might just want (need) a Seaholm watch. With up to a 200m dive range and super durable sapphire crystal, the watch goes hand in hand with a saltwater and outdoor lifestyle. Swiss made and Austin, TX based, the Seaholm has all the bling of a luxury watch with added character to accompany its wearer along their most extreme adventures.


3. Fishpond Luggage:

He booked the fishing trip without asking you, and you can let him have it when he gets back. But for now, make the goodbye a little more bearable by sending him off with some new luggage that won’t disintegrate in baggage claim. Set him up right so he doesn’t have to duct tape his rod tubes together. With bags for every traveling angler, it's hard to go wrong. Give us a call if you have any questions.


4. Gift Card:

The ultimate cop out, we know. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, and he will be thanking you when he doesn’t have to deal with returning the shirt that doesn’t fit him at the fly shop next week. Call the shop and get Dad store credit so he can walk through our shop, online or in-store himself.


5. The Best 8wt Setup...Ever:

School is out for the summer and Dad deserves the best 8wt setup he has ever cast. Let us do the rigging, and give him the peace of mind to get on the boat and make the cast! Give him years of satisfaction on the flats!

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