Saltwater Fly Casting Lessons

Learn how to double haul and beat the wind, all with video analytics!

Saltwater fly fishing is an entirely different beast than casting in a mountain stream for trout, there are higher winds, bigger rods and heavier flies, and ultimately, larger, stronger fish. In order to achieve success in the salt, learning to accurately cast a heavy fly rod is essential. A guide friend of the shop has a saying, that the first two hours of your charter will be the most expensive casting lesson you ever take! We use this saying in jest, however, capitalized on your bow time by preparing your cast before you step foot on the boot is critical.

What comes with the lesson?


One hour casting lesson, from fundamentals all the way to the basics of the double haul.

Video Analysis

15 minutes of video analysis on our projector, so you can see exactly what you are doing wrong, and are doing right. You have the option to take these videos home and practice with them, like an athlete might watch film after their game.

The Essentials

Learn the essentials of the cast, but also readjust your expectations of what exactly happens when you step on a boat for a charter, like guide/client communication, ready position, where to place the fly, and what to bring your guide for lunch (kidding, but seriously...).


When you leave your lesson, you might not be an expert or professional caster after an hour with a fly rod in your hand! Like any athletic discipline, casting requires hours and hours of refining mechanics before you can really sit back confidently and cast your fly at a fish. You will leave our lesson with drills, videos, and specific tips to work on for your next time on the water, or your next casting lesson.


When you take a casting lesson at the shop, you unlock a wide web of resources for training, questions, and micro adjustments in the future. Even Tiger Woods had a swing coach, and now you have one too...


Virtual Consultation

We understand that the Keys is often a place where our customers can visit for a few days every year, so getting a lesson is not always possible. Due to demand in physical lessons, we have implemented 30 minute virtual consultation sessions over Zoom. In the age of the pandemic, we picked up Zoom and have decided that maybe in some instances, it can stay.

How Does It Work?

The lessons are rudimentary, seeing as casting is a very physical and athletic discipline, and is best learned in the company of another set of eyes. The consultations will start by a preliminary phone call to talk about the goals of the lesson, and will be followed up by a 30 minute video call in which the focus will primarily be video analytics. While we cannot do real time casting over Zoom, students are engaging in an isolation of mechanics, where their stroke will be broken down and analyzed with Joe, with material (video clips) provided by the student. 

Who Is It For?

Virtual consultations are really created for the caster who has taken a lesson in the past and wants to continue to work on their casting stroke from home. If you are thinking about learning to cast for the first time, doing so online might not be the best option, at least right now! If you have specific questions, like:

"Why do I keep throwing a tailing loop?"

or, "How can I work on distance casting?"

or, "What is wrong with my double haul?"

then the virtual lessons can be very beneficial for you, as they really dive deep into casting specifics.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I book my lesson?

Booking a lesson is easy! All you have to do is call the shop at 305-440-3406 or email Joe directly at to schedule your lesson.

Where and when do we meet?

All lessons are conducted at the shop's casting pond, at any given meeting time. Lessons typically occur during the first hour that the shop is open or the last, to beat the heat. This is usually 10-11AM or 4-5PM from July to November, and 9-10AM or 5-6PM during the season.

Do I have to buy gear before my lesson?

Not at all! We are fully stocked with demo rods, lines, and reels. Borrowing our demo gear (at no extra cost) is a great way to 'take a test drive' before you dive in and buy your first setup.

I have never cast a fly rod before, is that ok?

This is awesome! We teach everyone, no matter their experience.

I have been fly fishing for a few decades now, and I consider myself a pretty decent caster. Can I ask for lessons about one particular part of my cast? Or is this just for beginners?

Absolutely, we can spend the hour of casting any which way you please. A lot of times, our customers take an opening lesson and do more fine tuning as they go along their casting journey. If you would like to work on rod tip control, a backcast, or basic casting fundamentals - we have a lesson plan for you.

Casting Lessons are $70 per person, not including tip. 


"I had heard of a new fly shop opening from a friend and decided to check it out and grab a t-shirt for him.  As a lifelong fisherman I never really did any fly fishing.  At the shop I got to talking to Joe who offered to give me casting lessons during the week before the shop opened at their casting pond.  This lesson with Joe opened something up to me that has now become an obsession.  The patience and willingness of Joe to work with novice fly fisherman is great but the way he articulates and carefully explains ways to improve are impeccable. I would highly recommend anyone with even the slightest interest but who may be intimated to give Joe a try”

-Mike Burker (New York)

"Joe at Seven Mile Fly Shop has been a great resource for helping me improve my fly cast. I have had quite a few lessons with him ranging from basic casting techniques, getting ready for tarpon season, fixing tailing loops, and back casting.  Joe gave me practice exercises and tools to help me identify problems to fix my cast.  Joe is super positive and patient in his approach to coaching.   I highly recommend Joe and Seven Mile Fly Shop for improving your fly casting!"

-Scott Spencer (Marathon, FL.)

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