Saltwater Fly Tying Lessons

With beginner, intermediate, advanced, and personal private lessons, tying flies is easy and fun!

 Welcome to the world of saltwater fly tying! Unlike the flies that you saw in A River Runs Through It, you can actually see the saltwater hooks without a magnifying glass!

In all seriousness, what is so amazing about tying your own flies is that it brings a new flavor of intimacy with the experience of fly fishing. Getting to fool a fish with a fly that you tied, out of natural and synthetic materials, is the pinnacle of satisfaction in the fishing world. There is truly nothing better, especially when your crafting skills are put to the test against some of the most coveted gamefish on the planet!

What comes with the lesson?

All three tiers of lessons come with instruction that is based completely on the skill level of the group. You will receive individual, private lessons while the shop is closed to maximize your understanding and efficiency in fly tying.

Each person in the lesson will leave with a fly that they tied that is ready to go out and fish, and materials to take home to tie that fly. Vise and tools are not included to be taken home, but are available for purchase after the lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have never tied a fly before, is that ok?

Yes! We supply all materials, tools, and a vise for you to sit down and learn completely from scratch. No prior knowledge, experience, or lessons are required.

When are the lessons, and how do I book?

All of the lessons are two hours long after the shop is closed, to minimize distractions. Light refreshments and snacks are provided, and bringing your own is encouraged!

Booking a lesson is easy! All you have to do is call the shop at 305-440-3406 or email Joe directly at to schedule your lesson.

How many people can book a lesson?

If you and a group of friends or family members would like to book a lesson all together, it is encouraged! We can accommodate up to 6 people tying flies per lesson.

Beginner Lessons

Beginner lessons include a basic introduction to fly tying vocabulary, tools, and tricks to get started. Students will learn base line history and origins of saltwater fly tying and identify goals, purpose, and why someone would tie flies in the first place!

We mainly focus on bonefish flies, particularly the "Gotcha" in our beginning lesson.

Intermediate Lessons

Intermediate fly tying lessons are another great step into the world of fly tying, as we build on top of the techniques and tactics we learned in our intro class. Students will leave the lesson with a new understanding of material selection, fly design theory, and innovation. This lesson is for the fly tyer who already has a base level of fly tying, but wants to really go outside the box and maybe create their own patterns.

We will mainly focus on tarpon flies, particularly the "Toad" in our intermediate lessons. 

Advanced Lessons

Advanced fly tying lessons are incredibly useful for the fly tyer who has a specific pattern that they cannot figure out how to tie, or for the student who really has gone down the rabbit hole on fly design, theory, and fly fishing in general. Most of the time, these lessons are designed to go only for two hours, but end up going much later! There is something about sitting around a table tying flies that really gets the fish stories pouring in!

The person who takes advanced fly tying lessons has likely gone through our first two courses, or has been tying flies for a while, and wants to elevate their fly design to the next level.

For students who want to be taught a specific fly to tie in this lesson, we mainly focus on permit flies, particularly crab imitations.

 Zoom Capability

Fly tying lessons can also be accomplished to the fullest over Zoom, as the hobby is completely doable from a table top. If you, a group of friends, partners, or family members are interested in getting a fly tying lesson on the calendar, please call the shop at 305-440-3406 or email Joe directly at

Once your lesson is booked, you will receive a kit of materials, hooks, and tools so you can follow along and learn the ropes.


Tying Lessons are $100 per person, not including tip. 

Tying a fly is an intimate experience with fly fishing, and if you like fly fishing, there is no excuse to not at least try it out. Come see what all the hype is about and learn to spin some feathers around the hook!


Knowledgable, helpful staff mixed with a wide array of fly tying products make taking a lesson easy and fun. We can walk you through the most basic and/or complicated flies out there!

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