The Artwork Of Frederick Stivers

Join Us! December 11, 2021 at 4PM

For an evening of appreciation for the artwork of Frederick Stivers, a man whose talents know no boundaries. 

Frederick Stivers is an architectural consultant, artist, and family man (an old dad according to his 5 year old son). Raised in the prairieland-turned-cornfields of central Illinois, he later spent a trout-fueled decade in the American West working as an architect and purveyor of “High Mountainist” style. After a spell in post-Katrina New Orleans, he returned to the Midwest to settle in near St. Louis, Missouri… 

Frederick got the tarpon bug, bad...and after nearly a year long tarpon fishing drought, he has done nothing but draw, paint, dream, and imagine tarpon. We welcome Frederick with open arms and can't wait to share the space with his brilliance.


Soon enough, we will have a photo of Frederick with a tarpon, but for now, this one of him in the field with the aptly named "Happy" the dog will have to do.

Enjoy a live painting by Frederick, raffles, food, and in-store only discounts. Festivities will start at 7PM on December 11, 2021 and they will end when they end. Come down and have a good time!

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