Five Questions With Cory Wheeler



Cory Wheeler is a Florida fly tyer. Cory's signature patterns are for sale in our shop and online. If you are curious about placing a custom order of flies from Cory, please call us at 3054403406 and we can get everything figured out.

I gave Cory a call to see what he could do with our Five Question series, and here is what he said!


Talk to us about modern fly tying and fly design, where is it headed? What does modern fly tying need more of?

I believe fly tying is headed in a great direction. More unique patterns, materials, and colors are helping tyers create very life like flies that not only catch fish but have an artist feel to the flies. With many of my peers it feels like a shame to fish their flies as I would feel I am destroying someone’s art.

Fly tying needs more tyers willing to try new materials and styles. Too many times I see tyers who aren’t willing to try new thing and expand on what they can create.



Who were your inspirations when you started tying flies? Who are your inspirations in today’s saltwater fly tying?

I did not have much inspiration when I started tying. It was hard to find many people around me who did fly fish and even less tied flies.

Today is different. With Youtube, social media and many fly-fishing forums it is easy to share and connect with other anglers. I find inspiration from many of the great tyers who share their patterns on the web and it pushes me to better my flies or expand my range.


What was the deciding moment that made you decide to take fly tying to the next level?

A few years ago, while sharing flies I had tied on social media I was getting a lot of notice. After a few people had enquired about buying flies my father encouraged me to see if I could make it into a business. I wasn’t sure if I was good enough to tie commercially but he pushed me into it and gave me the support to get better/ further my craft.



What is your favorite fly to fish, and least favorite to tie?

My favorite fly to fish a gurgler. No one can resist a good topwater bite. My least favorite to tie are freshwater nymphs for trout. Too small for my liking.



 Favorite and least favorite material to work with?

My favorite material to work with is fox. Great for making shrimp, crabs or baitfish and usually easy to work with and very consistent. Least favorite to work with is deer hair. I have never really gotten the hang of tying with deer hair and always hate the amount of mess it creates. I usually avoid using it if I can


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