Top 5 Florida Keys Bonefish Flies

As summer comes to a close for us here in the Keys, we can reflect on a productive bonefishing season that allowed us some time here at the shop to test some new patterns on our favorite belly crawling fish.

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Flies With Eyes!

Why Use Eyes? The eyes on shrimp and crab flies can make the difference between tying a fly that is impressionistic and tying one that is ultra realistic. I personally love using eyes on my shrimp and crab flies, because it gives me confidence when throwing at picky fish. Tying a fly with eyes means you are taking an extra step in attention to detail, or just having fun with colors, new materials, and letting your imagination run wild.  What Exactly Am I Replicating? When tying flies, I enjoy the liberty of taking real photos of shrimp, crabs, and baitfish to try my hand at conjuring something similar in all aspects of the term - profile, color, and movement. The satisfaction of...

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