Fly Tying Prompt: One Natural Material

In modern fly tying, the trend that comes to my attention is to pile on materials, brushes, and heavy on color and flash. Using my own taste in flies as an example, I don’t like flies that try to do too much. What I tie is oftentimes very simple, almost numbingly so. Much of what I tie is a little more than bare bones, maybe doing a little more than is necessary - just enough to really look like something, and enough to spark my own interest in throwing it. I hate when flies look like they are trying to do too much, and even worse, when they fail to accomplish their job because the vanity of the fly tier gets...

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Which Loon UV Product Should I Use?

Being a fly tying centric shop, we sell lots of products that serve many different fly tying fanatics and fly fishing nerds. Loon products have become one of our most popular lines of products, most specifically, their line of UV adhesives. When our customers are looking at diving into the world of UV cured adhesives, there are a few things they need to know.  Alongside knowing exactly what each product in the line does, it is important to understand a firm, non negotiable side of the deal - any UV product, in excess, will look bad. So much of fly tying these days has become excessive, and keeping your UV under control, in a tasteful way, will make it enhance...

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Tarpon Tips

 The air is muggy and US1 is packed with Michigan plates, which means that big tarpon are swimming on the ocean. Anglers from all over the country and the world join in tarpon worship in the couple of months they make their migration south, and for the lucky few that get a chance to intercept them, lifelong memories await. The Florida Keys is a place like no other, and shooting your shot at oceanside tarpon is one of those things every angler should try their hand at, at some point in their angling career. From conversations with some guide friends, I have compiled a list of three major tips that will improve your tarpon fishing this Spring. Don’t worry, there’s still...

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Cleaning The Beach

After hosting an event to unveil the artwork of Frederick Stivers, the Seven Mile crew decided to attend a local beach clean up in the Big Pine Key area put on by Surfrider. Many of you who fish in the Keys are attentive enough to know that there are serious issues with micro plastic pollution and single use plastics that end up on the highway, which end up in the water, which eventually deeply effect the health of our ecosystems, namely the fish that we care about. Joe Dahut, Sydney Loew, Jillian Tisdale, and Leota Davis at the Surfrider tent   Balloons, rope, plastic cutlery, styrofoam, tires, crab and lobster traps, bottle caps, plastic bottles, and other micro plastics littered...

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Five Baby Tarpon Flies You Need For The Florida Keys!

Catching your first tarpon on fly is an essential rite of passage for a first time angler here in the Keys. Often times, visitors' first tarpon on fly is not a mega fish on the ocean, but a baby tarpon hidden deep in the mangroves. They offer great fun for anyone, and can be found in a variety of situations that will sharpen your skills to prepare for the big ones. Baby tarpon are acrobatic, fierce, and beautiful regardless of size! The flies listed below might help you find some willing tarpon.

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