Get The Most Out Of Fly Tying: Fish The Fly!

A lot of commercial saltwater fly tying is done by people who do not live anywhere near tropical flats, or any ocean, which can be problematic when they are trying to sell you flies, gear, line, or any other piece of gear engineered and designed for saltwater flats. The Abaco Shrimp, as pictured above, is a pattern I have been working on for several months now. Although the fly works, there are instances where it could work better, thus my constant process of developing new flies! Guiding and photograph by Kenny Adkisson of Summerland Key. I am inherently suspicious of fly tyers who do not tie the flies that they intend to fish. Like the old adage, “practice what you...

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Five Questions With Stanley Kerznerman

"It is inspiring to see a younger and more diverse group of people getting interested in fly tying. You see a massive exchange of knowledge information that just hasn't been possible in the past. Modern fly tying needs more passionate, creative young people getting into the sport with fresh ideas, especially people from communities that haven't really been given the opportunity to engage I'd also like to see a bigger push for sustainability in fly tying."

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